[Greylist-users] first spam mentioning you-can-spam act

Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Fri Jan 9 17:54:24 PST 2004

I just got a spam with this not at the bottom:

As per new US Federal Law "can-spam" This email was sent with a working
remove link which we will use to remove you from any database we may
have in 10 days of your request.

The you-can-spam act is exactly that.


"This Christmas season does something to us inside. It sets us on our
feet and gives us a cue as to the way we should go. Our part is to
carry on from there, to carry this spirit which comes to us at this
season into the rest of the year. Then it may be said of us, as Dickens
remarked of one of his characters, 'It was always said of him, that he
knew how to keep Christmas very well.'" --Edmund Opitz
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