[Greylist-users] RE: qmail-envelope-scanner by Martin Dempsey

Jeremy Kusnetz JKusnetz at nrtc.org
Fri Jan 30 08:47:16 PST 2004

I figured out what is happening, but now I'm not sure what the correct thing to do is.

With the qmail patch, it calls the qmail-envelope-scanner program for each rcpt-to.  The qmail-envelope-scanner program does it's thing and exits with a return code depending on what it did.  If it saw the triplet for the first time it would add it to the database and exit with a tempfail return code, which would then cause qmail to die with a tempfail error.  The reason why I was only seeing only the first rcpt-to is qmail would die right after seeing the first one and tempfailing.

So I changed the qmail patch to keep track of all the rcpt-tos, and if any of them are a tempfail, the send the temp fail right after data.  The allows qmail-envelope-scanner to add entries for all new triplets.

The problem with this though is if any of the triplets are whitelisted and should go through, it just takes one of them to tempfail the entire smtp session and those whitelisted people won't get their email.

How does the sendmail milter handle this?

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> Subject: qmail-envelope-scanner by Martin Dempsey
> I am just starting to play around with greylisting and I have 
> Martin's qmail-envelope-scanner working with my qmail 
> installation in development.
> One thing I noticed is when an email goes to multiple 
> recipients, only the first recipient gets added to the 
> database.  Should there be one triplet entry for each 
> recipient, instead of just the first?

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