[Greylist-users] Greylist Greatness! My New App is Now Available!

Billy B. Bilano mr.bill.bilano at email.server.unix.bill.bilano.biz
Fri Jul 2 08:44:29 PDT 2004

Salutations, peeps!

Ever since the disaster at the bank with the port 443 virus, I've had a 
lot of time on my hands to catch up on the dirty work around here (and 
it is filthy). For those who don't know, you can catch up by reading my 
bloglog (http://www.bilano.biz/). Needless to say, we've lost around 
1600 customers since the saga began. Like I've told the executives, 
these people don't need to get their account information because they 
are all poor and they know they are broke already so why do they want to 
log-in anyway?

BTW: I posted this on another mailing list but since the community must 
prevail, I've decided to share my Greylisting Success (and my cool new 
Greylisting open-source app for the POSTFIX MTA) with the wonderful 
dudes and dudettes on the Greylisters' mailing list:

I am writing you all about the ever growing problem of spam. I get tons 
of spam every day at the bank. I believe everybody here is getting lot 
of spam. We've got one guy who is really upset about the spam! His name 
is Ben and he works in the Account Retention department. He's so mad at 
me he just flips me off whenever he sees me and, the other day, he 
called me a loser. I can only imagine the amount of spam he is getting 
to make him so mad.

So, since we're a bank and we're cheap, we have to get a lot of bangs 
for our buck. The best thing we could do was to write a good spam filter 
to soothe the savage executives and keep them from breathing down my crack.

I wrote this a week ago and have had it in full production use! It's 
doing a great job and I have not gotten a single spam and I have lost 
zero messages. Greylisting, so far, has been a great thing! So good that 
everybody (other than Ben) has thanked me (which they already do at any 
chance because, as I have said before, I am the reason they didn't get 
hacked to hell and are still in business). So, since you all have helped 
me out so much, I am giving a little back to the community!

I've gone ahead and written my first open-source app for you all to have 
a go with! It is a free and open implementation of the greylisting spam 
method as seen on greylisting.org for the wonderful and terrific Postfix 
MTA by Weister "Ace" Venera!

I got it up for everybody to have a go at. See what you think, play with 
it, use it, and peer review it so that it can, maybe, get included in 
the next Postfix kernel!

You will need Postfix 2.1 and MySQL for this! Be sure to read the doc so 
you don't screw it up like you always do.

You can get my app from my website: http://www.bilano.biz/

Mr. Billy B. Bilano, MSCE, CCNA
Expert Sysadmin Since 2003!

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