[Greylist-users] Re: Greylist Greatness! My New App is Now Available!

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at godshell.com
Fri Jul 2 12:48:25 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 14:41, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Please do not call it "open source" if it's not free software.

Read his blog for enlightenment.  It's actually quite amusing.  I'd also
*HIGHLY* recommend auditing this code before you blindly install it. 
I'm fairly certain that this does nothing more than block *ALL* email. 
If it even does that..  It's all PHP based code.

> Your "BSD" License says a lot of things, many of which make your
> software to be non-free, according to every free software definition
> that I know.

Bill could be loosely defined as a Troll.  This is apparently all done
in fun.  At least, I really, really hope so.  He pulled something
similar on the full disclosure list when he posted an alert about a
"Crypto Virus" that ran on port 443...  :)  Really, really funny.. 
Great stuff...  Just goes to show that you can't just believe everything
that everyone posts.  :)

> I suggest that you use a well known license, like the GPL or a real
> BSD-like license.

It's meant to be fake, I'm sure..

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