[Greylist-users] greylist applied only to RBL match

Andy Lee andlee at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 17:24:24 PDT 2004


I just scanned the last few months worth of mailing list archives but
didn't see this come up.

What are people's thoughts on applying greylisting only when the
remote host matches a lookup on an RBL?

My intial thought is to use a highly aggressive RBL that you would
normally not use to reject e-mails (too many false positives)  to
match remote hosts attempting to deliver e-mail to your server. Only
if they are found on this aggressive RBL would you apply the
greylisting behaviour.

Can anyone see any pitfalls in this approach? I can see how this would
not catch as many spam but could be safer for those worried about
losing legitimate e-mails due to problems with certain servers.
However, it may not catch enough spam to be worth the resources
(assuming you already use other RBL/RHSBL's to do blocking).


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