[Greylist-users] I need graylisting stats

Scot L. Harris webid at cfl.rr.com
Sun Jul 11 10:16:10 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 12:14, chris at chrisbaker.net wrote:
> Some half-wit sales people were in our office today trying to sell 
> someone on anti-spam solution. We have been using graylisting here 
> for about three months, and it has been outstanding.
> Unfortunately, I don't have any real statistics. How do I get statistics? I 
> certainly don't want these bozoes touching our e-mail system, because 
> I know some of the half-wits who work for this company from past jobs.
> Chris

The quick way is to look at your systems log files and do some simple
greps and pipe them to wc -l to get numbers.  You will need to identify
lines in your log files that can be used to count the stat you are
looking for.  

For example spamassassin records have clean and identified showing ham
and spam making it easy to count them.

For greylisting I would look in the email log file (maillog) and
identify and count the lines indicating a connection was temporarily
refused, lines indicating messages were accepted, and possibly lines
indicating a site was whitelisted.  This will all depend on your
particular implementation of greylisting.

Long term I want to implement web based stats on this possibly using
rrdtool to collect the stats and generate the graphs.  But short term
just grep and count and manually generate a table.  You could also put
the numbers in a spreadsheet and have it generate some graphs for you if
you want eye candy.

If someone has already built some stats tools I would be interested.  I
will be starting to work on that this week unless pulled away on other
projects.  And from the look of things I may actually have time to work
on something other than spam!
I implemented greylisting this past week, Friday to be percise.  And the
results have been phenomenal.  Simple stats below.  This is pulling the
spamassassin stats from the logs.  Number of spam and average scores. 
And yes the numbers dropped that much.  

2-Jul   4574    15.6
3-Jul   4890    14.5
4-Jul   3293    13.7
5-Jul   2746    14.6
6-Jul   6481    14.9
7-Jul   6208    15.3
8-Jul   3797    15
9-Jul   3162    14.9
10-Jul  3       13.3
11-Jul  4       9
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