[Greylist-users] sendmail + greylist + spamassassin

Barb Dijker barb at netrack.net
Tue Jul 20 14:02:35 PDT 2004

I run sendmail with dnsbl, greylisting milter, and spamassassin invoked 
via procmail/spamc on linux and bsdi.  We use procmail/spamc because it 
allows full per-user customization.  Also, sendmail milters are applied 
to both incoming and outgoing mail.  I didn't like spamassassin tagging 
our outgoing mail.

Spamassassin is a resource pig.  On one of our old systems, before 
greylisting (even with bl) we would routinely have to turn off spamd 
for a few minutes when we were hit hard by spam... to let the cpu catch 
up.  Blacklisting gets rid of about 50% of the incoming connections.  
Greylisting then gets rid of 90% of the messages that make it through 
the bl.  That has correspondingly reduced the spamd load.  The mysql 
load added for greylisting is negligible in comparison.  We have three 
machines that greylist using mysql on one system.

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On 20 Jul 2004, at 13:55, Stephen Yeoh wrote:

> Just joined the list. I haven't seen any mention of using this 
> software together with SpamAssassin.
> Can this be done? Has anybody done this?
> I'm running RH7.3 with Sendmail.
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> Stephen
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