[Greylist-users] sendmail + greylist + spamassassin

Sam Kalet skalet at conectiv.com
Wed Jul 21 05:53:51 PDT 2004

> Just joined the list. I haven't seen any mention of using this software 
> together with SpamAssassin.
> Can this be done? Has anybody done this?

Yes...we are using the relaydelay milter (greylisting) in conjunction with
miltrassassin, which is a milter that interfaces sendmail with SA,
specifically spamd.  Since relaydelay does it's work before the SMTP DATA
phase, greylisting in this configuration effectively sits in front of SA.  As
another reply to your message noted, this dramatically reduces the number of
messages that SA sees, which is good for system load.  The mysql overhead is
minimal compared to scoring messages with SA.

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