[Greylist-users] IPv6 support in relaydelay

Marcus Better marcus+dated+1088591216.c1bf29 at dactylis.com
Wed Jun 30 03:25:55 PDT 2004


it seems that relaydelay 0.04 does not understand IPv6 addresses. In fact
the relay_ip field is not even wide enough to accommode such an address
(which, at least with Sendmail, has the form 'IPv6:xxxx:yyyy....'), so
hosts connecting over IPv6 are always blocked.

I have internal mail servers talking IPv6 that I would like to whitelist.
To start with, I had to extend the size of the relay_ip field to fit an
IPv6 address. This allows me to whitelist the hosts, but I'm not sure if
anything else breaks. It is certainly not possible to whitelist a whole
IPv6 prefix this way, and it also does not recognize local IPv6 addresses

Does anybody have any suggestions?


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