[Greylist-users] giving up

chris at chrisbaker.net chris at chrisbaker.net
Mon Mar 1 12:55:38 PST 2004

Hey, guys,

I'm about ready to give up on this and let someone else do it. There 
have simply been too many error messages which seem unresolvable. 
I am also taking off a week (15-19 March) and want this done by then.

I'm not sure how we can work this out. Maybe I can set up the box so 
someone else can ssh into it. I'm in Columbus, Ohio. If you are local, 
you can come over.

You'll be helping a non-profit if that's any motivation. E-mail me off list 
and let me know what you would want to be paid to do this. I am trying 
to do graylisting with Exim 4.30 on Debian 3.0.


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