[Greylist-users] Greylisting via Exim 4 local_scan harmful?

Tim Freeman tim at fungible.com
Tue Mar 2 05:36:41 PST 2004

From: "William Blunn" <bill--greylist at tao-group.com>
>I had a user complain of a message appearing to have been lost during
>the period when it was using local_scan.  I check the logs and indeed
>it appears that a message from a large corporation (who shall remain
>nameless) has been temporarily rejected, and then appears not to have
>been re-tried.
>I am suspecting that the problem is that the message has been
>temporarily rejected at the end of the DATA section, but the remote
>mailer has ignored the reply and assumed successful delivery.

This is plausible, but I'm reluctant to change my mailer in response
to uncorroborated rumors about suspicions about misbehavior from
anonymous large corporations.  Are you willing to make your hypothesis
testable by naming the corporation?

I have observed that groups.yahoo.com doesn't retry when relaydelay
TEMPFAIL's them at the end of the DATA section, and I cope with this
by whitelisting them.  If I had correctly incorporated the whitelist
from relaydelay the first time around, I wouldn't have seen this
problem.  Is that the large corporation you had in mind?

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