[Greylist-users] Bagley: version 0.01 available

Tim Freeman tim at fungible.com
Tue Mar 2 19:20:14 PST 2004

>From somebody, I don't recall who:
> If the ACL implementation fixes the cases like certain Exchange servers
> and YahooGroups that do not retry (can someone confirm this please) then
> this is worth taking a look at.

From: "William Blunn" <bill at blunn.org>
>However, my guess is that the problem in this case is that the MTA is
>interpreting the temporary failure as a permanant error. In this case
>it ought to send a bounce to the sender.

In the case of YahooGroups, it never sends a bounce message to the
sender.  However, it does add the bounced email to the list of bounced
emails for your Yahoo ID so the intended recipient can visit
groups.yahooo.com to get them later.

I agree with the previous poster that Yahoo also uses variable
envelope return paths so they'll never stop being tempfail'ed with any
reasonable greylisting implementation, except one that lets them
through as a special case.

>So we ought to be able to tell if an ACL implementation would help by
>seeing if those MTAs send a bounce back to the sender.

You could join a Yahoo group to test, if you want.

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