[Greylist-users] Re: looking at logs

Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Sun May 2 18:05:04 PDT 2004

> For just knowing how much is blocked, you can use the already provided
> db_maintenance.pl example script nightly from cron, the 'deleted' count
> will pretty much tell you exactly what you're wanting to know (here's last
> night's output from my system that's run at the same time every night):
>   Loading Config File: [config-file-elidded]
>   DBI Connecting to DBI:mysql:database=[DSN-elidded]
>   3175956 copied/updated to reporting table
>   497393 expired rows deleted from active table

Thank you, but I am still not sure exactly how to do this. I know very
little about mysql.


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