[Greylist-users] Why and how often greylisting fails against ordinal servers?

Akihiro KAYAMA kayama at personal-media.co.jp
Sun May 30 21:12:05 PDT 2004


First of all, I must apologize for adding my previous mail to wrong
thread by my mistake. Sorry.

In article < at pop3.netvector.es>,
Valor Romá <valor at netvector.es> writes:

valor> En fecha 27-05-2004 04:46, Akihiro KAYAMA escribió:
valor> >Do you have any ideas and/or similar experiences?
valor> The best you can do is use an access list in your postfix and exclude 
valor> those IP addresses from greylist check.
valor> Yahoo Groups mail server, for instance, does not retry either. Spanish 
valor> ISP teleline.es / terra.es retries at the next day or even deletes the 
valor> message without bouncing.
valor> We cannot do anything with administrators who do not follow the standards.

Yes, I know the need of whitelisting. But losing mails from mailing
list servers is acceptable because mailing list service usually
provides an archive also.

The problem is that I may be in danger of losing my customers' mail.
This is unacceptable because I can't get it back anyway. And my
customers are open so I can't predict the server from which their
mails come, that is to say, whitelisting is useless in this case.

I hope RFC non-compliant servers are very rare, otherwise I should
consider modifying greylisting method, like "receive body for safe
and temporary reject". 



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