[Greylist-users] greylistd+exim+mailman join exception

Gabriel Millerd gmillerd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 17:30:03 PST 2004


I am using exim4, exiscan, mailman and greylistd I would like to have
all "listname-(join|request|leave)@domain" requests be whitelisted.
Something like this command to do the whitelisting (perhaps this can
be done directly to socket) ....

${run{/usr/bin/greylist add white $sender_host_address $sender_address

... if this condition is met ....

${if or { {match{$local_part}{\N-join$\N}} \
           {match{$local_part}{\N-request$\N}} \
           {match{$local_part}{\N-leave$\N}} \
          } {1}{0}}

... right before the greylisting test is made.

My intention is to make mailman more 'responsive' to the user's
requests. Then after things 'get rolling' let the greylisting do its
own thing.

Is my thinking here faulty? Does something have a matured example?

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