[Greylist-users] auto whitelist

Dan karnage at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 08:00:21 PDT 2004

>         It's a popular tweak with my stuff (OpenBSD spamd/spamlogd)
> since it does it by default - I've seen no evidence here that they
> attempt it, of course, we also don't return-reciept mail either ;)
>         Having said that, done right it's still not very likely, the address
> you would as a spammer be attempting to get whitelisted would have to
> be mx'ed back to the same things, you'd need to have it running a
> mailserver to recieve it (presumably you wouldn't whitelist a failed
> smtp connection). All of which is not likely to have happening on a
> network of spambot-compromisd windows machines. and if they aren't
> that, they're probably identifiable as a dedicated spam operation,
> running off of real mail server(s) somewhere which gets picked up by
> the usual plethora of blacklists - it dies there instead of worrying
> about relying on greylisting to stop.

So how would I go about setting up this tweak?


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