[Greylist-users] Looking for updated list of bad (but good) senders

Brent Meshier brent at meshier.com
Sun Sep 12 19:16:24 PDT 2004

Anything become of this thread?  I'd also like a list of IPs.

Brent Meshier
Global Transport Logistics, Inc

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> Looking for an updated list of those large providers who tend to do 
> unique senders or retry email from random IP's in their pool (like 
> yahoo).  Been noticing a slow trickle of dropped email, and I'd like 
> to rule this out as a cause.

We really need to keep a central repository of all these little tweaks that
are necessary to keep a greylist system working well.
The obvious place would be Evan Harris's site and the next most obvious
place would be greylisting.org.  As a least preferred and temporary home I
could make some space on my wiki so that people could add their own info
directly.  I'm not sure a wiki is a good place for stuff like this though
due to the potential for spammers to find and abuse it.


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