[Greylist-users] SMTP server pools

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Thu Sep 16 00:19:50 PDT 2004

The "current" list should always be available from:


I tried to describe the issues for each entry as best I could, but a few
were submitted without it.  I should probably just do away with the
blacklist totally, since I don't really want to be in that game.  Alot of
other resources keep blacklists alot more complete and uptodate than mine.


On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Ken Raeburn wrote:

> "Matthew L. Seidl" <seidl at wraith.com> writes:
> > Maybe I'm lost, but where is the CVS list?  It sounds like its got a
> > number of things I'm missing.
> The downloads page at
> http://projects.puremagic.com/greylisting/downloads.html includes
> links to CVS versions of some stuff.  Under "Current Database Schema"
> you'll find not just the schema but also Evan's whitelist and
> blacklist files.
> The current version of the whitelist is version 1.9, which you can
> view at
> http://cvs.puremagic.com/viewcvs/greylisting/schema/whitelist_ip.txt?rev=1.9&view=auto&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup
> (that's a version-specific link, it'll get you 1.9 always, not
> whatever is most current).
> It appears to be quite a bit larger than the whitelist distributed
> with relaydelay-0.04.  Guess I've gotten behind in my updates, too.
> I think I had complained about the relative lack of commenting in the
> 0.04 version, but looking back at it, it's quite reasonable, and the
> CVS one is even more thorough.  I hereby retract and apologize for
> those complaints. :-)
> I also see that 146.82.220 (dartmail.net, which sends newsletters on
> behalf of Intuit) has been removed from the blacklist.  Thanks, Evan!
> Ken

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