[Greylist-users] amavisd-new + postfix + clamav + greylisting

Morris Jones mojo at whiteoaks.com
Sat Apr 2 10:10:34 PST 2005

Joe Auty wrote:
> Amavis will add X-headers for virus/spam scanning, but I'm not seeing 
> anything that would suggest greylisting in either my mail headers or 
> maillog (Postfix log). Maybe if you gave me a rough indication of what 
> to look for?

Lines like this in your mail log (wrapped):
Apr  2 10:06:25 monrovia sqlgrey: new: 
sara.forrest at ceed.it 	-> ephemeris at sjaa.net
Apr  2 10:06:25 monrovia postfix/smtpd[13315]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT
	from unknown[]: 450 <ephemeris at sjaa.net>: Recipient
	address rejected: Greylisted for 1 minutes;
	from=<Sara.Forrest at ceed.it> to=<ephemeris at sjaa.net> proto=SMTP

> I'm also concerned that I may not have installed postgrey properly. I'm 
> on FreeBSD, and postgrey was complaining about BerkeleyDB 4.1 or greater 
> not being installed during compile time. There is only a perl interface 
> to this database available within FreeBSD's ports (which has a 
> dependency on the Berkeley DB). After installing p5-BerkeleyDB 4.3 via 
> ports (which grabbed a copy of Berkeley DB 4.3 and compiled/installed it 
> successfully) Postgrey still complained about not finding BerkeleyDB 4.1 
> or later. I eventually got Postgrey to compile with SKIP_BDB_CHECK. Is 
> this a cause for concern?

Well yeah.  You have to have a database for sqlgrey to store the 
connection information.  If you're not going to use BDB, then you need 
to set it up for MySQL or something else.  Did you do that?  Did you 
check that the tables were installed and all?

Morris Jones
Monrovia, CA
Old Town Astronomers: http://www.otastro.org

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