[Greylist-users] Which greylist system for fastest & easiest installation?

Graham Toal gtoal at gtoal.com
Thu Apr 21 15:10:24 PDT 2005

I had always planned to add greylisting at the source code level to
my standalone transparent SMTP filter that I've been using for
spam and virus filtering over the last year.  Unfortunately due
to various factors I won't go into, I don't have the luxury of
doing an R&D project over a suitable period of time to do this
the way I wanted -  I need to get something in place relatively
quickly, and it will probably go into a production environment
within days of being tested :-(

So, two questions: do any commercial spam filters offer
greylisting as well? (eg Brightmail, that kind of appliance)

and assuming the answer is no, what is the best way to bring up
a reliable greylist that won't require lots of manual tweaking
and will 'just work' reliably (and reasonably unattended)?

I have complete control over the environment, and can bring up
any flavor of linux that may make this easier... (although for
testing purposes running in a UML under FC3 would sure be nice)

I'm not trolling and I don't want to start a "my greylist is 
better than your greylist" war, but I do need a good solid 
workable suggestion quickly please.  if you prefer to email me
directly, that's fine.


Graham <gtoal at gtoal.com>

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