[Greylist-users] dns_name table

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Mon Feb 14 12:44:26 PST 2005

The data in the dns_name table is to allow you to retain reverse dns
information for mailservers where the dns is spotty, especially the
fly-by-night spammers who change domains frequently and take the dns servers
with them.  It also lets you see what the claimed name of the server was the
last time it tried to deliver to you, regardless of what the dns might
currently report for that ip address.

It also gives you a good picture of the mailservers that have tried to send
to you, and their distribution across the IP space.

It's there for you to be able to use in backtracking spam/spammers, and even
for use in developing custom heuristics and antispam measures if you want

The data can be safely deleted if none of that matters to you.  You can also
set $enable_relay_name_updates = 0, and the milter will no longer add/update
entries in that table.


On Fri, 11 Feb 2005, POSTMASTER(PD) wrote:

> Hello ,
> Currently got the dns_table  with 1.1 million records...
> I am unable to find a script to manage them...
> Currently use db_maintenance.pl to manage the main tables, but
> db_maintenance.pl doesn't manage dns_name .....
> Can I just delete nightly  ???
> Its getting very big ...
> Paul
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