[Greylist-users] need to daemonize the startup

Ade Fewings iss03c at bangor.ac.uk
Sat Jan 29 15:05:08 PST 2005

Craig White wrote:

>If I launch the relaydelay.pl program - either with your relaydelay.sh
>(version 0.04) or with one of my own creation, it never detaches from
>the terminal.
Try getting the latest one down from CVS.  When I say 'latest', when I 
checked last week it hadn't been changed for 6 months or more and I 
haven't yet got round to testing it, but I think it is supposed to 
incorporate the deamonizing functionality.

This also leads to the question of whether relaydelay is still being 
developed or has just reached the end of its natural development and 
thus no longer needs it?


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