[Greylist-users] Time to resend a message

Matthias Haeker mhaeker at its-h.de
Tue Jul 5 22:51:54 PDT 2005

> > The Problem i had was maybe the crontab default on
> my FreeeBSD inst.
> >
> > 0/30 0 * * * root sendmail -q
> That looks to me like a once-per-day re-try, which I
> would say is a poor
> default.
> Maybe a bug should be raised against whatever package
> has that.
> Bill

until this  month we never had a problem like this

the working ours the companys have to pay to figure this out
going to be expensiv

the support from the packager gave me the hint on the crontab
cause i am something like a beginner with *nix based systems
i realy apreciate there help.

at all i like the idea, but woud personaly like to
use a mechanism like that
only for positiv identified "bad" ip

 for example a ip who tryed the 100. time to send i virus to a unknown user at our domain.

to prevent sending it a virus to a valid user.

like a local virBL

and not for "maybe" spam email.


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