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Bob Beck beck at openbsd.org
Wed Jun 1 15:58:41 PDT 2005

	Thanks for the update Graham. Nice to hear.


* Graham Toal <gtoal at gtoal.com> [2005-05-31 11:17]:
> A final update on my saga of building a greylist server using spamd...
> It has been live in front of the University of Texas Pan American for
> two weeks now.  I am using greylisting plus a small list of blacklisted
> IPs which I built myself by observing the traffic hitting the greylist
> and then checking each IP against other blacklists to make sure they
> were indeed bad networks.
> We have cut down incoming spam by 90%.  We now get one spam per good
> mail instead of 10 spams per good mail.  We reject over 80,000
> *connections* per day from spammers, and presumably far more actual
> spam deliveries than than (as many of the connections would have sent
> to every user on campus - 15,000+)
> The unsolicited emails from campus users have been tremendous.
> I am so impressed.  I knew greylisting would be a good tool in the
> arsenal of anti-spam measures, but I never guessed it would overnight
> become our *primary* tool.  Can't recommend it enough - if you've been
> thinking of taking the plunge and have been put off by the complexity
> of setting it up, go ahead and try it.
> My notes on setting it up are here, if they help anyone:
>   http://wiki.utpa.edu/InfoSec/GreyListing
> However I had some constraints that made it necessary for me to use
> spamd in a non-standard config.  If you are able to set it up the
> way that is recommended - as a transparent bridge - I'd suggest
> doing that instead.  It seems less complicated that way.
> Thank you everyone (and esp. Mark Pecaut) for your help in getting
> me online with this.  It has been greatly appreciated by many of our
> users, some of whom have gone from 150 spams per day to a dozen.
> Graham

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