[Greylist-users] relaydelay dies with ERROR: Unable to open access.db file

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Thu May 26 15:49:28 PDT 2005

You need to be sure that the version of BDB used by sendmail and perl are
the same (or compatible).  The problem you describe will happen if they
aren't.  Make sure that the BerkelyDB perl module is the right version for
the one used in sendmail.


On Thu, 26 May 2005, Ingo Freund wrote:

> Hi,
> this error comes up, when I try to start relaydelay.pl.
> ERROR: Unable to open access.db file '/etc/mail/access.db':  at /usr/local/sbin/relaydelay.pl line 1240.
> It seems not to be a permission problem.
> I'm using the last Version: 0.05 prerelease
> Setting the config option
> $sendmail_accessdb_file = undef;
> all works fine.
> Shortly I've compiled and installed berkeley-db 4.3.28
> and perl-5.8.5 on my linux system.
> After recompiling sendmail against the new bdb I
> restarted the whole mail system and since then relaydelay.pl
> dies with the error.
> Did anyone suffer the same?
> Is there any help?
> -Ingo.

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