[Greylist-users] some comments on spamd

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Tue May 31 10:23:33 PDT 2005

At 01:17 PM 5/31/05, Graham Toal wrote:

>We have cut down incoming spam by 90%.  We now get one spam per good
>mail instead of 10 spams per good mail.  We reject over 80,000
>*connections* per day from spammers, and presumably far more actual
>spam deliveries than than (as many of the connections would have sent
>to every user on campus - 15,000+)

I don't use an anti-virus tool on my mail server (only 200 pop accounts); 
yet I have not seen a single email virus since implementing spamd six 
months ago.  

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