[Greylist-users] access.db - RELAY vs OK (as well as FRIEND?)

The Dragon dragon at dragonskeep.org
Sun Nov 27 18:36:18 PST 2005


After having used relaydelay-cvs (0.05) for a while - with sendmail -
I finally looked a bit closer at the access-db code. And somehow
I started to wonder...

It appears to me as if the only whitelisted servers are the ones that
have a "RELAY" right-hand-side entry in /etc/mail/access. Am I right
with that assumption? If so, wouldn't it make more sense to check
for "OK" as well as "RELAY"? I mean, I might not like people relaying
through me, but they're "OK" enough to send to me.

I also thought you'd do the same with whitelisting specific
senders in /etc/mail/aliases (I know, not smart if done on a
large scale!) - have an lhs of "smurf at acme.com" and an rhs of "OK",
and not a "FRIEND" or "HATER" rhs.

All of a sudden I feel "mentally challenged" - I doubt myself.
So I think my questions are:
- would "OK" on the RHS also be something worthwile to check
  against (and then just blindly accept), and
- Where did "FRIEND" / "HATER" come from? Did I sleep through some
  cool sendmail-access_db change (again?)
- And if I didn't snooze, should that test perhaps also be done
  against the rhs of "OK"?

Staring at too much code....


P.S.: Of course I'll email the changes back to the list in patch-format.
Anything to get relaydelay-cvs to relaydelay-0.05 :) !

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