[Greylist-users] Greylisting stats - even if spam software retries....

Jeff Rice python at finity.org
Mon Sep 26 11:17:12 PDT 2005

Bob Beck wrote:
> 	Hi Gang,
> 	Some stats for the list, which might be of interest, 
> after seeing another post about "greylisting only helps till spam
> software retries" - there are other things you can do.

Just to clarify, I didn't intend this as a major criticism of
greylisting.  In the context of our discussion, we were talking about
spam senders in the from_awl table -- those are the relatively rare ones
that do actually retry.  In combination with judicious rbls, etc, they
have not been a significant enough factor to make me any less thrilled
with the efficiency of greylisting.


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