[Greylist-users] Which RedHat disto works best with GreyLi

Dennis Wynne DWYNNE at equinoxis.com
Mon Feb 6 12:35:00 PST 2006

That is two votes for CentOS - sounds good to me.

Looks like it comes with what I will need for greylist "in the box" (or on 
the ISO) as well - but still have to patch it.


===== Original Message from wwalker at bybent.com (Wayne Walker) at 2/06/06 
2:25 pm
>I would recommend RHEL4/CentOS4.  Here are the versions of the things
>you mentioned from my CentOS 4 box (CentOS4 is an almost exact copy of
>[wwalker at bevo ~]$ rpm -qa | egrep '(mysql|perl|sendmail|httpd)'
>[wwalker at bevo ~]$ perl -V | grep -i thread
>-Dvendorprefix=/usr -Dsiteprefix=/usr -Duseshrplib -Dusethreads
>I prefer to support RedHat so I buy RHEL licenses, but use CentOS
>because I can't stand up2date.
>CentOS is also much more up to date than RHEL in the base install
>But with either one, you must do an update after install (yum update OR
>up2date -u)
>On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 12:52:00PM -0600, Dennis Wynne wrote:
>> I am wanting to put a LINUX Sendmail box in front of my real (non LINUX)
>> mail server and have it greylist and pass on (via SMTP) to the real
>> I have other LINUX boxes here (web servers and DNS servers).
>> I have been working off and on (mostly off) to get a newer SendMail,
>> threaded Perl, MySQL, etc on an older RH box.
>> Now that I am back on this project more full time, it looks like a mess
>> I got sendmail compiled but get strange errors, etc. I am thinking of
>> the system and just starting over.
>> Which RH distribution is new enough for me to avoid all the
>> patching/updating/debugging - if any?  I assume it will have to be
>> pre-Fedora.  If not RH, then another LINUX?  I usually use an older RH
>> because I know it and can spend all my time on what I need to do and not
>> re-learning the OS.
>> Thanks,
>> Dennis
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