[Greylist-users] Forwaring mail with sendmail. Was: Which

Dennis Wynne DWYNNE at equinoxis.com
Wed Feb 8 06:02:00 PST 2006

That assumes that you use your existing mail server to send out the mail?

If you want to use the auto-whitelist feature don't you need to forward the 
mail back through the greylist box?  And if you do won't you need to remove 
the to: ?


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>Dennis Wynne wrote:
>> You MAY need to add
>> gtlogistics.com	RELAY
>You should better use :
>	To:gtlogistics.com    RELAY
>Without this, you'll accept to relay all messages with envelop from equals
>gtlogistics.com (even forged addresses) and connections from all
>domain (all machines including spammers setting their DNS PTR records to
>gtlogistics.com value).
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