[Greylist-users] how to remove the error

Koichi Mori zko-mori at med.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Fri Feb 10 02:23:41 PST 2006


I am try to use relaydelay-0.04.
I am using the system;
OS: Sol-2.8
sendmail:8.13.5(with libmilter)
SpamFilter: SpamAssassin-3.1.0

but I couldn't compile Sendmail::Milter, so I use Sendmail::PMilter now.

I installed all of them, then its looks working.
But sometimes I got this error

milter_read(relaydelay): cmd read returned 0, expecting 5
Milter (relaydelay): to error state
Milter (relaydelay): init failed to open
Milter (relaydelay): to error state

Must be libmilter(or PMilter) cannot talk with relaydelay.
SPAM through relaydelay when I get this error.

I tried change the connection between milter and relaydelay.
$milter_socket_connection = 'inet:3333 at';
#$milter_socket_connection = 'local:/var/run/relaydelay.sock';

but result was same.....;(

Please tell me how to remove this error...

thank you.

Osaka City University Medical School Campus LAN Support Desk
Koichi Mori
TEL: 06-6645-3461 (EXT: 3461)

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