[Greylist-users] Why is there a punctuation "rule" ?

Dennis Wynne DWYNNE at equinoxis.com
Wed Feb 22 11:27:00 PST 2006

Thanks for the reply.

My source has this:

      # Check for embedded brackets, parens, quotes, slashes, pipes 
(doublequotes are used at yahoo)
      if ($tstr =~ /[<>\[\]\{\}\(\)'"`\/\\\|]/) {
        $ctx->setreply("501", "5.1.7", "Malformed envelope from address: 
invalid punctuation characters");
        return SMFIS_REJECT;

so clearly it is going to fail what the RFC allows.

I suppose it could be to prevent those characters from hosing the database 

I may have to edit the = and /  out of my source since I keep bouncing good 
mail that my users want due to that rule.


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>Dennis Wynne wrote:
>> 1) What is the reason behind this "rule" in relaydelay.pl ?
>> 2) How can I accept this mail (assume I can't get the sender to remove the
>> punctuation characters) ?
>>    a) If I whitelist the sending IP will it bypass this check?
>>    b) Can I comment out this check or remove the = and / from it?
>This looks like a bug. RFC822 specifies the local-part of an address may
>contain both equal-sign and forward-slash characters explicitly.
>http://rfc.net/rfc2822.html, section 3.2.4
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