[Greylist-users] limiting greylisting

Sam Kalet skalet at conectiv.com
Mon Jan 9 11:33:34 PST 2006

> I've got a server where I have a few users that want greylisting and
> many who do not.  Can I set up relaydelay such that only specified to
> addresses are checked and everyone else gets mail without greylisting?

We support users opting in and out of greylisting on our systems.  This is
accomplished by adding a whitelist record for each address of a user that
wants to opt out:

insert into relaytofrom (relay_ip, mail_from, rcpt_to, origin_type, create_time, record_expires) values (NULL, NULL, ?, 'PREFS', NOW(), '9999-12 -31 23:59:59')

This query is one result of a larger process that manages antispam preferences
and then syncs them to the individual antispam systems regularly.  When a
user opts in, we remove these whitelist records.

I believe the query above is based on the example provided in whitelist_ip.txt
of the relaydelay-0.04 distribution.  Note that PREFS in the origin_type field
is not part of the bundled schema.  We added this to track which entries are
from the antispam preferences system as opposed to the provided MANUAL and AUTO


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