[Greylist-users] auth challenge/response

John W. Baxter jwblist at loricamail.com
Sun Jan 29 10:38:56 PST 2006

On 1/29/06 4:12 AM, "ed" <ed at ednevitible.co.uk> wrote:

> Some mail, sent from legitmate servers is spam, such as via msn/yahoo
> accounts.
> Would challenge response after greylisting/spf checks be a bad thing?
> (Only sending the subject/headers, to avoid sending whole message).

That depends.

If it is only for yourself, and you don't mind not getting some mail, it's

I am quite sure I'm not alone in never taking the effort to pass through a
challenge/response system.  Well, almost never.  Certainly never for someone
impolite enough to send me email that wants a response then expect me to
jump through hoops to respond.

If you are handling mail for others, I think you have to give them the
option to opt out of the challenge response system.


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