[Greylist-users] An approach for reducing mail loss with greylisting

William Blunn bill--greylist at tao-group.com
Mon Nov 13 05:10:41 PST 2006

Ronald Oussoren wrote:
> All MTAs should be able to deal with this, you can already get 4xx 
> status codes due to full mailboxes and other transient failures.

Sorry, no.

All (legitimate) MTAs should be able to deal with transient failure, period.

The fact is that they don't.

Moving your transient failure indication after the end of DATA certainly 
isn't a panacea for broken MTAs.

Not only that but I don't even think that moving there would give any 
overall benefit versus tempfailing before DATA.

Indeed I have heard tell that some (broken) MTAs ignore errors after the 
end of DATA.

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