[Greylist-users] enhancement - extra color states to provide better reporting information

Andrew McGlashan andrew.mcglashan at affinityvision.com.au
Sun Nov 26 07:42:38 PST 2006

Hi Guys,

How about adding some extra colors for greylisting:
- pink for tuplets that have been whitelisted, but where half the whitelist 
period has expired [or some other user configurable value];
- blue for tuplets that have been greylisted, but where half the greylist 
period has expired [or some other user configurable value];
- yellow for tuplets that have expired the whitelist period, these should 
live for a period equal to 10 times the whitelist timeout period  [or some 
other user configurable value].

Processing of greylisted entries would progress the state to blue at half 
the expiry and then drop off at full expiry.

Pink entries should be treated the same as white entries for email 

Yellow entries should be made grey again if new mail arrives again for the 
same tuplet and start the usual greylisting cycle.

Using these extra colors, you can do reports to show extra useful 

greylist list --[pink|yellow]
 - show tuplets that have been successful in the past and contact
   has lapsed for whatever reason....
       (short term are pink, long term are yellow);
 - purpose:  gives a trigger for possible follow up contact to be initiated.

greylist list --blue
 - show tuplets that are 'at risk' of being dropped due to sending mail
   servers failing to follow the correct RFC's
 - purpose:  gives a list of possible candidate tuplets for manual
   whitelisting whilst ignoring those tuplets that are newer and may
   sort themselves out well before the maxretry period.

Kind Regards


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