[Greylist-users] Comcast & Greylisting

Brian Ross bross at qualcomm.com
Thu Nov 30 09:01:22 PST 2006

I was refering to whitelist in the context of the greylist antispam
mechanism - nothing else.  As for retrying, I'm not seeing a lot of
success from comcast's network which makes me think that however they are
retrying (I haven't studied the records in depth to determine their
method), it's not working.

Ultimately Comcast is a huge and, albeit zombie-filled, legitimate
network with a lot of legitimate of traffic.  I suppose I was hoping that
somebody from Comcast might be monitoring this list and could shed some
additional light on their service architecture and how it interacts with
greylist protected sites.

Instead it appears that the only viable answer is to allow them to bypass
the greylist (whitelist) - or, based on Jim's previous reply, I may
extend the record life to see if that gets them through....

Thank you both!

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Dave Warren wrote:
> You don't need to whitelist them completely, just bypass greylisting --
> greylisting is useless against legitimate servers, if you KNOW a server
> is going to retry you may as well not bother greylisting it and save
> both of you a little bandwidth.

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