[Greylist-users] New greylisting implementation: hermes

Juan Juan
Wed Apr 18 13:19:33 PDT 2007


I'm a new user in this list, but thought I would drop by just to say
that I've recently released an SMTP proxy that uses greylisting. Being
a proxy it's fairly generic and it should work with most (all?) SMTP
servers without problems.
hermes supports SMTP AUTH out of the box and STARTTLS (SSL) if compiled
with the OpenSSL library.
It is also highly configurable, although I have yet to document most of
the things, but it can easily configure whitelisting and blacklisting
based on lots of different things like ip, hostname, inverse resolution
of ip, etc.

I've called it hermes, and it's available at


Juan José Gutiérrez de Quevedo
Director Técnico (juanjo at iteisa.com)
ITEISA (http://www.iteisa.com)
942544036 - 637447953

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