[Greylist-users] multi server instance?

Brian Ross bross at qualcomm.com
Thu Aug 30 09:53:07 PDT 2007

Hi Barry,

You didn't mention which MTA or greylisting package you're planning 
on running.

With Evan's relaydelay greylist package you can run either a 
centralized milter which provides services to multiple MTAs via 
sendmail's Milter API, or you can run multiple instances of the 
milter all talking to the same database backend (given that you allow 
network connections to your MySQL db).

It's actually quite easy to do.  We run a single centralized milter 
service on our db host.  Each of our two MXs consults the milter via 
the network.


Brian Ross

At 08:06 PM 8/29/2007, Barry Murphy wrote:
>I was wondering if greylistd can share a database with a couple of
>frontend mailservers? Can I run NFS and have both servers run the same
>binary and share the same database or is there another way this can be
>Barry Murphy
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