[Greylist-users] Blacklisting an IP - outside of Greylist

Chuck Amadi chuck.amadi at rokcorp.com
Wed Mar 28 07:40:28 PDT 2007

Dennis Wynne wrote:
> We have one IP that is really hitting on us, the blocked count in the 
> greylist database shows 32,552 blocks since I blacklisted them.
> One message snuck through this morning, they hit us so often that during the 
> time the daily stop/start of the script was going on the message snuck 
> through.
> To avoid having to look this number up over and over in the database all day 
> and have any mail sneak by in case the script is down for any reason, I want 
> to block this IP at the earliest or best spot (lease overhead for my system) 
> that I can.
> Thoughts:
> 1) I can put it in the access sendmail "database" with an entry like:
> Connect:           REJECT
> 2) I can add them to the iptables "firewall" with something like this:
> -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -d -j REJECT
> 3) I could get them listed on one of the real-time black lists I use - they 
> currently are not listed. This seems the least sure and still has high 
> overhead, I would think.
> Any other options?
> Thanks!
> Dennis
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Just to confirm my iptable chain rule to drop a ip address anywhere is 

On the CLI I run.
iptables -A INPUT -s  -p TCP -j DROP
iptables -L

I hope this helps.

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