[Greylist-users] Is it Possible to NOT use client_ip?

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Fri Nov 30 12:12:45 PST 2007

It was thus said that the Great Rob Morin once stated:
> What do i do to Postgrey to allow only sender and recipient and no IP?
> Or do i use x-grey with my postfix, i am confused a bit?
> Thanks

  I would say modify the source to Postgrey to ignore the IP address; it's
what I did to X-Grey (since it doesn't have an option to ignore IP
addresses) to run the test (you did ask "Would postgrey still be useful if
it checked only the to and from?" and since I have a huge list of tuples, I
figured I could at least answer that question).

  I will say, however, that modifying Postgrey (written in Perl if I'm not
mistaken) will be easier than modifying X-Grey (written in C).


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