[Greylist-users] Getting greylisting going on a new Debian

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Fri Jun 27 12:36:48 PDT 2008

It was thus said that the Great Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz once stated:
> Sean Conner wrote:
> >
> >  There's X-Grey (http://www.x-grey.com/), which works with both Sendmail
> >and Postfix, doesn't require a database, and purges old records so they
> >don't accumulate.  And as the author of said package, I do use it myself.
> >
> >  -spc (Although the sendmail interface has ... issues ... )
> At https://www.milter.org, there are some greylisting milters working 
> quite well : j-chkmail, milter-greylist, milter-grey, ...

  The problem I had with milter is the sheer amount of memory it consumes
(at least under CentOS, a Linux distribution).  [1].  And with that under
control, there also seems to be some issues with a high system load (I work
for a small webhosting company, and we were getting a ton of spam).

  -spc (And why libmilter felt the need to use threads is beyond me ... )

[1]	http://boston.conman.org/2007/11/05.1

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