[Greylist-users] Getting greylisting going on a new Debian

Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Fri Jun 27 13:30:32 PDT 2008

Sean Conner wrote:

>>>  -spc (Although the sendmail interface has ... issues ... )
>> At https://www.milter.org, there are some greylisting milters working 
>> quite well : j-chkmail, milter-greylist, milter-grey, ...
>   The problem I had with milter is the sheer amount of memory it consumes
> (at least under CentOS, a Linux distribution).  [1].  And with that under
> control, there also seems to be some issues with a high system load (I work
> for a small webhosting company, and we were getting a ton of spam).

Hmmm. Threads under linux ... They eat memory. Other OSs (Solaris, 
FreeBSD) do it better.

But hopefully there are solutions to this problem. If you're running 
sendmail 8.14.x, you can compile it with _FFR_WORKERS_POOL option enabled.

If you're still running sendmail 8.13, gets an old patch at :


Take a look at :


Ther's some explanation on how it works.

This is a contrib I've done to libmilter and was finally included in the 
distrib. With this different threads model, there are some servers 
handling till 500 K messages a day, on a single computer (FreeBSD).

  Jose Marcio MARTINS DA CRUZ           http://j-chkmail.ensmp.fr
  Ecole des Mines de Paris
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