[Greylist-users] relaydelay dies

Todd Hackett me at todhackett.com
Tue Aug 31 07:11:04 PDT 2010

Hi All

I am having a problem with relaydelay as it seems to 'die' after an 
undetermined amount of time.

linux box - fc11 64bit XEON's
sendmail 8.14.3
spamass-milter 0,3,1
spamassassin 3,3,1
relaydelay 0.04

I see a 'please try again later' WITHOUT (TEMPFAIL)

Nothing interesting in the maillog or message log that I can see.
ps ax | grep relaydelay shows the process still executing

restarting relaydelay fixes the problem temporarily

What can I do to get more information about what is happening?


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