[MudWalker] mudwalker windows

Blastron blastron
Mon Nov 17 09:41:18 PST 2003

I managed to do this once based on the header at the start of the 
channel.  For instance, my guild channel always started with "(Magi) 
Bob says, " so I set a new trigger with the match text as "(Magi) ^(*.) 
says,".  I then checked the "Direct to Channel" box and entered "Magi" 
in the text box to the right of it.  So whenever someone spoke on the 
guild channel, it displayed in a separate window named "Magi".  
However, since the mud server I play on automatically wraps text into 
different lines, any message that took more than one line was split up 
between the main and the Magi windows.

As this mud uses ANSI color to have different channels look different, 
is it possible to have triggers based on text color set up?

On Saturday, November 15, 2003, at 04:36  AM, Jeremy wrote:

> does anyone know if it's possible to set up
> separate windows for different channels (shout,
> say, form etc)?

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