[MudWalker] MW keep crashing

Y. J. Chun monac3
Wed Dec 3 06:53:00 PST 2003

--- Kevin Reid <kpreid at attglobal.net> wrote:
> Y. J. Chun <monac3 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I wanted to see why or where it crashes and
> downloaded source code but it
> > wont compile. two files were missing:
> >
> > /Users/kpreid/Desktop/MakeThumbnail/IconFamily.m
> Oops. Those files should be in the source directory,
> but the paths in
> the project file are wrong. They should be in
> MudWalker/Icons/icnstool/.
> Just change the paths for those items in PB/Xcode.

Can you send those files or build new source
distribution? they are missing in the source package.


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