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Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Sat Sep 8 18:12:44 PDT 2007

On Sep 8, 2007, at 20:18, Trey Holliday wrote:

> What I want to do is be able to capture values from a string using  
> a trigger, and put those values into a table I've made using Open  
> Office.  It will  even be fine if I have to manually cut and paste  
> the values from a separate file.
> I get this from the game:
> We will pay you 205240 gold for each crate.
> In total, there are 80 different traded items in the game.  I just  
> need MudWalker to capture these values (just the numbers) in order  
> and place them in a table as a separate file (csv or otherwise) on  
> my desktop or in a folder therein. It would save me tons of time in  
> data entry.

MudWalker scripts cannot write to files. This is deliberate;  
otherwise, using a connection document you got from someone else  
could do harmful things (much like Word macro viruses).

However, here's something that might do the job.

Match patterns:
^We will pay you (\d+) gold for each (.*)\.$

Direct to channel:  Trading Data
Substitute text:    $(arg[1])$,"$(arg[2])$"

With this trigger enabled, every line in the response format you show  
above will appear in a separate window in CSV format. You can select  
and copy the text out, and close the window when you're done.

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