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Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Sat Dec 1 08:00:32 PST 2007

On Nov 29, 2007, at 23:20, Preston Poulter wrote:

> Hey Kevin,
> Thanks for your advice. Now I have three other questions:

You're welcome, but please ask further questions on the mailing list.

(You'll probably want to turn digest mode off in your subscription  
settings to get answers promptly rather than at the end of the month.)

> 1. How can I set up different aliases for different characters?

If they're on different muds, just put them in separate documents. If  
they're on the same mud, you can use the "username" variable to tell  

@@if username == "Fred" then
say Hello, I'm Fred!
@@elseif username == "Joe" then
say Hey, it's Joe!
say My name is $(username)$.

It's also possible to get the display name of the account in order to  
switch on that, but there's no shortcut, so it's rather verbose:

@@local c = arg.linkable:config()
@@local accountKey = c:objectAtPath(configPath("SelectedAccount"))
@@if c:objectAtPath(configPath("Accounts", accountKey, "name")) ==  

> 2. How can I move a set of aliases to different computers?

Copy the connection (.mwcon) document over. If you're not using one,  
you should be. You can transfer the aliases from the app-wide  
settings to a document by dragging.

> 3. How can I use the macros for hot keys like F2?

Type this in the key code field:
   - Single quote '
   - Control-Q
   - The F-key in question

You should see a symbol-in-square missing-glyph symbol appear to  
stand for the F-key.

(Yes, I know it ought to be easier than this.)

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