[phobos] Annoying whitespace diffs

Benjamin Shropshire benjamin at precisionsoftware.us
Sun Aug 22 16:43:22 PDT 2010

Walter Bright wrote:
> David Simcha wrote:
>>  I develop using CodeBlocks, and apparently in its default setup it 
>> converts tabs to spaces and snips off trailing whitespace.  On the 
>> one hand, this is what's probably causing a lot of the weird diffs, 
>> but on the other hand, every time I work on a module that has these 
>> defects they automatically get fixed.
>> Ideally (not sure how well this would work in practice) such simple, 
>> mechanical style guidelines would automatically be applied to all 
>> code on checkin, i.e. your program or some equivalent would 
>> automatically run on the server side on all uploaded code immediately 
>> before it's committed to the SVN backend.
> I agree, but I have no idea how to force that with svn.

SVN has submit triggers. The simplest things to do would be to have it 
detect and reject anything that fails to fit the style. You might be 
able to make it fix it but it would be more complex.

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