[phobos] std.gregorian [was phobos commit, revision 1919]

Yao G. yao.gomez at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 20:32:43 PDT 2010

2010/8/24 SHOO <zan77137 at nifty.com>:

> [snip]
> In particular, std.gregorian seem to be still insufficient about  
> functions
> and designs.
> I think waiting for other modules to mature then to unify is good.
> [snip]

I did an almost complete implementation of std.gregorian and posted about  
this on the news group. But it seems that nobody was interested  :D

Here's the code: http://ideone.com/uyuZ9

And the original post:  

Obviously the code can be improved. I was in a haste (I needed this for a  
small project I'm working on). But maybe something from this  
implementation can be used to improve the original gregorian.

Yao G.

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